Sunday, October 4, 2015

A little Sunday morning Poetry

Tell them

Tell them
how excited you get to meet new people
you plan out your entire life together
before the first phone call.

Tell them
about your practice smile
the way it aches the muscles
on either side of your mouth.

Tell them
 how you mean well.

Tell them
how much everyone likes you in the beginning.

Tell them
how despite this you've gotten used
to everyone leaving.

Tell them
how easy to talk to
is the same thing
as easy to ignore.

Tell them
you've returned so many times
your laid back
gets sore.

Tell them
how each time you remember
to be yourself a little more.

Tell them
how much it hurts to always feel lonely
even worse 
to pretend you meant for it to be that way.

Tell them
how hard you push yourself
to supersede the criticisms
of everyone else.

Tell them
you still have faith
your person is out there waiting.
It's the one way you know
how to keep on living.

Tell them
 they don't have to be sorry.
Tell them
 you don't need saving.

-Emily A. Klein

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