Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Free Writing Workshop for Individuals on the Spectrum

It has been my understanding through personal experience that part of being on the spectrum means there are limited outlets for self expression. I would like to attempt to change that for 10 willing participants. I will start out by saying that writing, for most of my life has saved me. I would like others in similar situations to be able to experiment and see if writing could be of any help to them, in the way it has been for me. Whether it be a tool used to make sense of the world for themselves, or to communicate their understandings of the world to those around them, I believe writing can be incredibly beneficial.

For those who don't know, I am a published poet and writer, with a BA in Language and Literature as well as an MA in Psychotherapy. I am also on the spectrum.

I have decided to start an online workshop for others on the spectrum. I would like to keep it limited to those with formal diagnosis to start, and possibly open it up to others down the line.

Goal-The goal of the workshop will be to begin the process of getting words onto the page as a method of self expression. No experience writing is necessary. ( although it is suggested you have an idea of what genre you would like to work on and a sample piece for submission with registration.)

 Who- The workshop is open to any individuals ages 16 and over with a formal diagnosis of Aspergers/being on the spectrum.

What- The skills that will be covered in the workshop will be
            Free Writing

How long- The workshop will take place over the course of 6 weeks to start mid December.
There will be one 30 minute individual meeting for each participant that will be set up based upon both our schedules and availability.
There will be one 60  minute group meeting PER WEEK I will set up on google hangouts. (you don't need to be on camera if you are camera shy, we can just use your voice)

How much- Free. All I ask of the participants selected is that they do the best work they can and make effort to keep the meetings as it is important for the growth experience to have consistency.

Quick recap

-Space will be limited to 10 individuals
-To submit  interest in participation, please send the answers to all the questions and the following information to no later than Friday, December 4th

*Best method of contact(telephone if you are comfortable)
*What your experience is with writing
*What genre you would like to work on , ie, poetry, fiction, blog
*What do you hope to gain from this workshop (a few sentences)
*A short one page sample of your writing.

Once you are selected you will receive instructions on what to do next.

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